The Online Money Making Secret You Shouldn't Know - Part 2

Sunday, August 12
So, continuing from yesterday (if you haven't read Part 1 you can find it here) I mentioned that having a site devoted to a keyword phrase that has extremely high monthly search volume can be a great way to start your online marketing strategy. If you can grab only a slight percentage of that volume you can see some quick income - maybe not the millions you read about all the time, but, at least a great beginning.

Make Money Online SecretsWhere should you start? The first thing you should look at are the top 500 search terms on the internet. You can usually find these on various sites devoted to keyword research - in fact, Google, AOL and Yahoo typically show the search volumes by month. If you haven't done this before be ready for a boat-load of entertainment keywords - most of the top 500 are going to be actors/actresses, bands, shows, songs, etc. Be ready - it becomes somewhat humorous to see what people search for out in cyberspace.

Here are some sites you can start with:

1. The Lycos 50 - a great place to start that has lists going back at least 5 years.

2. Hot Searches on AOL - gives top terms by category

3. Google Trends - is a list of the top 100 by date - this would be a great way to search trending hot topics over time.

4. Yahoo Buzz - in addition to lists has some very interesting articles on popular topics.

Next, if you really want to discover the deeper monthly search volumes for your list you can get a free trial account at Keyword Discovery. They have the monthly stats you need to see just how big your search phrase really is. Of course you can always use the standard Yahoo Keyword Selector Tool which also shows monthly volumes. This site is down quite often so you may have to try it a few times before seeing a page or results.

Once you've found the very popular keyword phrase you want to promote then you should create a Blogger blog with that phrase being the key term in the posts. Place your Adsense ads strategically in the top and top left panels of the blog for maximum exposure. Remember, the Adsense TOS states only a max of three ad placements per page.

What should you post? There's plenty of free content out there to find - free articles, videos, blog links, even news articles (be aware you may not duplicate a news article in your blog - you must fully rewrite the content in your own words.) Be sure to keep the content flowing - don't be afraid to list you own opinions, top ten lists, interesting facts, etc.

Finally, do everything in your power to promote the page daily - that means having a link backs to your site through:

1. Blog search engines / Directories
2. Forums devoted to your topic - have your link in the post signature
3. Articles - if you can think of an article, write it and post it to as many free article directories as possible
4. Press releases - think of a spin on your blog and announce it - see my post The Power of Press Releases5. Link exchanges
6. Blogroll exchanges

If you don't know how to create backlinks using these methods then I strongly suggest that you buy both Holly Mann's Honest Riches and Ewen Chia's Newbie Cash Machine. Those two guides have all the steps and techniques you need to do - which is a bargain at $37 and $27 respectively. That's only $64 total with practically all the knowledge you need to become successful online marketers.

Plus, don't forget to be productive every day - ten minutes a day will do the trick. Read my post on being productive.

Good luck! I hope this helps you make money online. Check out Part 3 of this article here!

The Online Money Making Secret You Shouldn't Know - Part 1

Saturday, August 11
When I scan internet marketing forums from time to time I always see a post from someone new to online work lamenting that they have created a fantastic new site with some early promotion but have yet to see a single penny of Adsense or affiliate revenue. I see the cries like "I've spent all of this time learning, building and promoting but I'm not making any money online! Help!"

Quick secret to make money onlineThose of us who have suffered the bruises and bumps of trial and error over the years know that striking gold online takes education, patience, hard work and above all - time. (Yes, there are those who do luck into a good strategy - but that is the minority). Beginners expectations are very high and excitement gets tempered quickly when traffic counts are minimal.

I'm going to reveal a secret on how to make money online that I hope you, the reader, takes to heart. The best way for a beginner to get some simple revenue flowing is to create an Adsense site tied to an extremely high volume keyword phrase. Let me rephrase that another way - create a site or blog that focuses on one of the most popular keyword phrases found on the internet today.

I know this seems contrary to what most marketers are telling you but I know that this secret works - it's simple, easy and will start your revenue stream. The reason marketers don't focus on this technique is because you're competing with potentially tens of millions of other sites - how on earth can you be even remotely visible in a competitive space like that?

The answer is because there is so much monthly search volume for those keyword phrases. By creating a site devoted to one of these phrases and then promoting it as much as you possibly can, you will start to see a percentage of hits from that extreme volume even if it is a tiny amount. If you look at monthly volumes of phrases such as 'ipod', 'song lyrics' or 'funny videos' you'll see an incredible amount of traffic with 3.6M, 2.2M, and 1.0M monthly hits respectively. Compare this to 'internet marketing' which gets .6M per month or 'make money online' with a mere .15M per month.

You can start to see the method here - a small percentage of a high volume adds up! I have a site devoted to an entertainment keyphrase that I barely maintain and is currently netting me $3 / day in Adsense revenue. For about 10 hours of total effort I'm making about $1000 / year. What a great way to get yourself funded without much effort.

Where should you start? More on this tomorrow - follow this link to Part 2.

The Power of Press Releases for SEO Page Rank

Sunday, August 5
One of the best and easiest ways to improve your page rank is to create a press release announcing any new ideas, releases, changes or websites. I'm constantly confused as to why people don't use this avenue much more often. As I mentioned in my last email, writing and publishing releases is very easy to do and has huge benefits for search optimization and ranking.

make money online with press releasesThe primary goal of any press release is to announce some type of exciting event for your business. Extending this model to your website, online press releases provide a means to delivering that information to as many news subscribers as possible. What that means to your own business is one-way links back to your site and subsequent increased traffic. The long term benefit is a good jump in both Google and Yahoo's search rankings which directly affects your bottom line - to make money online.

Let's take a look at my latest release. You simply need a catchy title such as 'Dedicated to Successful Internet Marketing, The Agile Marketer Launches New Site'. You will also need a high level description - mine, for example, is 'Internet strategist, Don James, releases his on line success secrets in the newly launched Agile Marketer website.' The rest is three to four simple paragraphs describing what you key announcement will be. Remember, this can be for any type of new or changed business concept from your sites.

So where do you submit press releases? Some of my favorite press release sites are: - a great place to submit releases. It has a page rank of 7 and can really boost your own rankings. The cost varies depending on how much exposure you want. You can go as low as free up to $360 per release. Each level gives you greater distribution and visibility. I typically pay $10 per release just for simple link backs.

Free Press Release - this has a page rank of 5 and is either free or $1 per release (with a minimum funding of $5) for Premiere releases.

I-Newswire - another pr site with a page rank of 7 and has both a free submission and $25 optimized submission.

You can basically name your price for the amount of exposure you need. Whatever you do to increase your site's page rank be sure to always consider using press releases.