Ewen Chia's Newbie Cash Machine - A Review

Saturday, June 30
(Even though I reviewed these some years back - they are still great resources in 2011) I’ve got to tell you right off that Ewen Chia constantly surprises me with his Affiliate Marketing material. Just on whim I was doing some Clickbank research and discovered that his ebook, Newbie List Machine (used to be Newbie Cash Machine) was soaring to the top of all Clickbank ebooks with a very high gravity rating.
If you don’t know who Ewen Chia is just remember that he is synonymous with affiliate marketing and ways to make money online. Sometimes called the world’s #1 affiliate marketer Ewen has trounced the competition with amazing results with online business rollouts of $100,000 to $1.5M within days - even hours! You may disagree with me but in my opinion he’s easily one of the top 10 internet marketers in the world today. An amazing speaker, lecturer and teacher Ewen has expanded his current subscriber base is to over 300,000 worldwide!

Being a fan of Ewen’s from day one (I love his Secret Affiliate Weapon 2 - a massive bargin at $17!) I’ve found that his techniques have helped me tremendously over the last few years. In fact, he usually provides so much insanely useful information that I typically forget some of the tips he’s given me. When I go back and re-read his past ebooks I’m always surprised that I forgot a lot of the information which I could have easily benefited from.

And yet he’s done it again! Another ebook so full of information that you’ll need a notepad to keep track of all the important steps. But that’s just the beginning - where Ewen has added the most significant value is by creating a step by step framework for brand new or intermediate marketers to get online and build profits fast.

I want to digress a bit and talk to you about what a framework is and why it is important. I am a systems/software architect by trade and have worked with many Fortune 100 systems, vendors and packages in the past. When any large company or vendor wants to create something that is less expensive and easy to implement they typically create a framework.

Frameworks are tested pre-packaged, pre-built components that let you get the job done much faster that just a list of information. Ewen’s framework on how to make money online is something that has already worked in the marketplace. A tried and true affiliate guide that is more than just information.

I spent the last 2 days reading though his ebook in detail. Here’s what you get:

- What an Online Business is and Your Value to the Marketplace
- The Easiest Way to Start Your Online Business
- What Affiliate Marketing is All About
- The Actual Newbie List Machine Step by Step System - A Proven Internet Success Formula which includes:

Market Ideas, Keyword Research, Competition Research, High Converting Affiliate Programs, Setting Up Your Affiliate Links, Email Lists, Email Copy, Landing Pages, Review Copy, Traffic Generators and More!

That’s just a very high level view of what’s in this 141 page guide (that’s right - 141 pages)!! What I love about Ewen’s technique is that he shows you detailed examples of the sites, layouts, ad copy, landing page copy, affiliate setup and pay per click with actual text and screen captures. You’re not left in the dark trying to navigate new sites without a step by step visual guide - that is huge!

You’re probably thinking right now ‘who should buy this guide’? This guide is primarily focused on the brand new internet marketer or an intermediate marketer who hasn’t found a focus yet. Nevertheless, I must say that as an advanced marketer I found that the sections devoted to the ad and email copy as well as some of the landing page techniques were very useful to me and well worth the money.
What didn't I like about this book? Well, I think the first 2 chapters will be a repeat for even beginner marketers. It seems like we get these same intros in every online marketing guide. But, if it is your first then it won't be a problem. Also, many will be familiar with the online tools that he uses so that those specific tutorials won't be very valuable. But, those are pretty small nits considering the amount of content.

There is no doubt that this ebook is vastly underpriced at $27 for the massive amount of information you receive. If you are having any doubts about your ability to make money online I would strongly suggest that you pick up copy of the Newbie List Machine and follow it to the letter!


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