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Wednesday, June 6
Link cloaking is a way to hide your affiliate URL so that people cannot steal your affiliate sales. This typically happens with affiliate marketplaces like Clickbank. Because the affiliate links is very easy to change - people can capture the link, alter the affiliate ID and then get the affiliate profits.

So, I have just created a brand new Link Cloaker for you to use. I wanted to create something that could easily be deployed on your own website and that could be wrapped in a PHP script. It does the following:

1. Allows you to enter the affiliate URL from Clickbank or any other affiliate system.

2. Also lets you add a PHP script header that will send you an email everytime someone clicks on your cloaked page.

3. Encodes the URL so that no one can access it and does not display the affiliate link in the browser address bar.

The output box contains encoded html wrapped by a standard html page tag. Here's an example: my affiliate link for Honest Riches is:

The encoded output looks something like this:

[html][head][script language...[!--(.....%61%%62%6f%64%79%20%62%67%63%6f%6c%6f%
72%3d%22%23%46%46%46%46%46%46%22%20%74%65% 78%74%3d%22%....--][/script][ad][/html]

Now, if I save this as a web page called honest-riches.htm I can then upload it on my website and refer to it as:

Or, in my case:

In order to use the cloaker you must sign up for the Agile Marketer newsletter. In it you'll find the promotion code for the free affiliate link cloaker.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your free cloaker with us.

Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by PHP script header and what am I supposed to put in the box below that.

How you do compare with say Jim Edwards Affiliate link cloaker which he sells for $59 plus 2 months guanratee plus 3 bonuses, support plus.

look forward to hearing your comments.

Don James said...

The cloaker generates HTML normally if you don't choose the PHP button. If you do choose it, it wraps the HTML page as a PHP page that can send you an email if someone clicks on the link.

You have to alter the email names to get it to you.

So, if you create it as HTML save the page as a .htm file. If PHP save it as a .php file. Then upload to your web site.

Don James said...

Jim Edwards' cloaker adds some more bells and whistles that makes it harder yet to hijack an affiliate URL. His is, of course, packaged up as a product and service which may be well worth it if you are worried about that.

Mine is first line of defense for you and a simple, free utility.

Alan said...

All I have to say is... Thank You! I've been using a tool comprised of many different programs and for whatever reason it just stopped working.

There's not too many free link cloakers that cloaks links in the same fashion, so finding your software has been a real blessing to me.

Once again, thank you. You have made my life easy once more.

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