The Power of Press Releases for SEO Page Rank

Sunday, August 5
One of the best and easiest ways to improve your page rank is to create a press release announcing any new ideas, releases, changes or websites. I'm constantly confused as to why people don't use this avenue much more often. As I mentioned in my last email, writing and publishing releases is very easy to do and has huge benefits for search optimization and ranking.

make money online with press releasesThe primary goal of any press release is to announce some type of exciting event for your business. Extending this model to your website, online press releases provide a means to delivering that information to as many news subscribers as possible. What that means to your own business is one-way links back to your site and subsequent increased traffic. The long term benefit is a good jump in both Google and Yahoo's search rankings which directly affects your bottom line - to make money online.

Let's take a look at my latest release. You simply need a catchy title such as 'Dedicated to Successful Internet Marketing, The Agile Marketer Launches New Site'. You will also need a high level description - mine, for example, is 'Internet strategist, Don James, releases his on line success secrets in the newly launched Agile Marketer website.' The rest is three to four simple paragraphs describing what you key announcement will be. Remember, this can be for any type of new or changed business concept from your sites.

So where do you submit press releases? Some of my favorite press release sites are: - a great place to submit releases. It has a page rank of 7 and can really boost your own rankings. The cost varies depending on how much exposure you want. You can go as low as free up to $360 per release. Each level gives you greater distribution and visibility. I typically pay $10 per release just for simple link backs.

Free Press Release - this has a page rank of 5 and is either free or $1 per release (with a minimum funding of $5) for Premiere releases.

I-Newswire - another pr site with a page rank of 7 and has both a free submission and $25 optimized submission.

You can basically name your price for the amount of exposure you need. Whatever you do to increase your site's page rank be sure to always consider using press releases.


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