The Online Money Making Secret You Shouldn't Know - Part 1

Saturday, August 11
When I scan internet marketing forums from time to time I always see a post from someone new to online work lamenting that they have created a fantastic new site with some early promotion but have yet to see a single penny of Adsense or affiliate revenue. I see the cries like "I've spent all of this time learning, building and promoting but I'm not making any money online! Help!"

Quick secret to make money onlineThose of us who have suffered the bruises and bumps of trial and error over the years know that striking gold online takes education, patience, hard work and above all - time. (Yes, there are those who do luck into a good strategy - but that is the minority). Beginners expectations are very high and excitement gets tempered quickly when traffic counts are minimal.

I'm going to reveal a secret on how to make money online that I hope you, the reader, takes to heart. The best way for a beginner to get some simple revenue flowing is to create an Adsense site tied to an extremely high volume keyword phrase. Let me rephrase that another way - create a site or blog that focuses on one of the most popular keyword phrases found on the internet today.

I know this seems contrary to what most marketers are telling you but I know that this secret works - it's simple, easy and will start your revenue stream. The reason marketers don't focus on this technique is because you're competing with potentially tens of millions of other sites - how on earth can you be even remotely visible in a competitive space like that?

The answer is because there is so much monthly search volume for those keyword phrases. By creating a site devoted to one of these phrases and then promoting it as much as you possibly can, you will start to see a percentage of hits from that extreme volume even if it is a tiny amount. If you look at monthly volumes of phrases such as 'ipod', 'song lyrics' or 'funny videos' you'll see an incredible amount of traffic with 3.6M, 2.2M, and 1.0M monthly hits respectively. Compare this to 'internet marketing' which gets .6M per month or 'make money online' with a mere .15M per month.

You can start to see the method here - a small percentage of a high volume adds up! I have a site devoted to an entertainment keyphrase that I barely maintain and is currently netting me $3 / day in Adsense revenue. For about 10 hours of total effort I'm making about $1000 / year. What a great way to get yourself funded without much effort.

Where should you start? More on this tomorrow - follow this link to Part 2.


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