Driving Online Business Growth

Friday, July 21
It is amazing to see the plethora of internet marketing, work at home, wealth online and similar guides out there. Once you start seeing all of the possibilities your mind tends to swim with ideas. Someone is making millions on AdSense, another is selling ebooks like crazy, others are using anti-marketing to drive curiosity seekers, and so on. Where do you start?

The biggest problem that 95% of those trying to break into online marketing is sustaining productive growth. By this I mean defining daily time to your project and business to drive revenue. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, it's not.

The greatest secret that online marketers rely on is the fact that most buyers have huge dreams but very little productive drive. Most online products are purchased but never used or used only inconsistently. The chore of working on something day to day is too difficult for many - they're always looking for automated wealth.

In order to drive traffic to your site and build your business you must sustain a certain amount of productive work every day. What is productive work? That is work that directly affects your revenue. Unfortunately, reading this right now is not productive work for you - it will be in the future. Building your sites, adding content, writing ebooks and articles, etc. is productive. If you are like me you enjoy finding new products and learning the trade - but many times it is overwhelming and your head starts spinning.

Here's my advice: focus on a single project, build it daily, add content, add links, add rss feeds, get your list started - it will take some time. Try to curb you tendencies toward reading blogs, getting excited over the next new product, and reading forums. I'm not saying you shouldn't educate yourself - just don't forget that education does not directly drive revenue - it only gives you more potential to drive revenue.


jeanangelina said...

As a newcomer to the realm of Internet Affiliate Marketing, I find the information presented here extremely valuable. I was compelled to keep reading and reading. I appreciate the effort of 'coming from a helpful angle based on actual experience'. Thank You.-Jeannie

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