Passions to Profits - New Free Ebook

Saturday, March 8
Just wanted to let you know I just finished up my new free ebook called:

Passions to Profits: Using Your Own Interests and Skills to Make Money Online

This ebook is focused primarily at newbies who are looking for ways to generate ideas to make money online. I think most people struggle with this issue of where to start.
What was most interesting about writing this ebook was the free tools I was able to use to create it completely from scratch - including the writing, layout, pdf generation, e-cover image, 3d ebook generation and image editing. Yes, all free!!!
I would guess this book took me about 10 hours to write, 3 hours to edit, and about 2 hours to package. It shows that you can do this pretty easily now.
If you're interested in what I used - just download the ebook and look for the Bonus Chapter. It has links to all of the tools.
Enjoy! You can get it here: Passions to Profits


Anonymous said...

I just finished reading Passions to Profits. Great ebook! I love the EPIC principle.

Don James said...

Thanks so much, Melanie! So glad you liked it. I really hope it helps you.

Ab Ripper X said...

Just finished this book thanks it helped me a lot.

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