Powerful Niche Examples - Some Final Thoughts

Tuesday, September 6
I wanted to give you some final thoughts on my series of articles How to Find the Most Profitable Affiliate that you should think about before diving in on my tutorial. Looking for a great paying niche is a techniques that works. But, you might want to consider a few pointers about earning money online with certain topics that might affect your long term strategy.  (Wondering about a strategy?  Take a look at Why You Need a Strategy to Earn Money Online ).

Get Excited About These Visual Niche Examples!

Alright, I'm going to show you two fantastic examples of how you could put together niche sites. Be it an affiliate or a core product - here's how you do it!  Study these over and over to see just how content is mixed with a product to get you there.  I know that both of these are making huge amounts of money (these are NOT my sites nor am I making any money by showing you these examples) and if you model your product and content and promote them in the same way you can drive to some real profits:

1. Security Guard Training HQ Niche Example

Profitable Affiliate Marketing Example

2. Double Your Dating Promotion Example

Niche Product Money Making Example


Choosing the Right Affiliate for You

Ok, you're all excited about a high paying niche and you're ready to start building.  You should consider a couple of points -- take extra care when looking at niches in the following categories: Health and Fitness, Betting Systems, and Business / Investing. Certain products may cause you issues in the future if related to dubious claims of health benefits, gambling, and making money.

Recently, the government has been cracking down on information products making false claims that have negative impact on people - something you should be aware of.  For example, health product that claim to fix certain problems can reflect back on you if you don't have the proper Disclaimers or Affiliate relationship clearly called out. You might get backlash from Google, Wordpress, Yahoo, etc. for promoting these types of sites -- Adwords or Adsense accounts banned, Blogger banned, Wordpress blogs dropped, etc.  Or, gambling sites are prohibited on certain traffic promotional tools My only advice is to pay special attention to the product you're promoting if in these niches.

Take a look at the Federal Trade Commission site on consumer protection on health products. It will help you work through your niche.

Mingling Your Niche with Your Business - Good Idea? Bad Idea?

Another consideration for your niche site is how closely you want it related to your main business. If your goal is to create many niches for a variety of topics then you should consider keeping these independent of your core internet marketing business.  By that I mean that you should create separate domains, email accounts and tools/traffic generation payments instead of a single account.

My article, Establish Your Differentiating Email IDs, will show you an example.  When you mingle your core business with niches, a single mistake might cost you getting banned from some critical tools or services you might want to use for future work.  If you're going to use a single topic and strategy - go ahead and use a single common business.

Getting Started to Build Profits

I've given you all of the necessary ammunition to get your affiliate niche sites started to really learn how to make money online. Be sure you understand the affiliate product you're promoting, the industry topic you're supporting and what the main, helpful ideas are coming from product that you can use to build content around the site.  Remember, your core buyers are looking to answer specific questions by using the search engines.  Your goal is to guide the engines to your niche site so that the product will satisfy their need.  Always think that way by writing content, using headers and giving them snippets of information that will drive them to want more.

You don't have to be a complete expert in any product -- just well informed and a guide to the buyer.  Take the attitude that you're helping them, not selling them and you'll see results!  In future posts I'll talk about promoting sites and traffic.


Tarpon Fishing Gale said...

I love the security guard training example. I followed Pat as he put that one together. Cant wait to check out the other examples in more detail. Thanks for the article!

online jobs without investment said...

Well, its not as easy as said above, IMO...the best way is to do first..what you like to do, what you know, you can handle.

Don James said...

You know, I do agree with you that it isn't necessarily easy. Any online work takes some significant effort and time. However, you did remind me that there are two schools of thought on niche or affiliate marketing. One is, you are just out to make a buck - bottom line, this is everyone's dream but with the dark side of just spewing out junk content. The other is, you're trying to do and market something you like or love.

I totally agree with you that the best product to pick is something you're familiar with. In fact, my free guide called 'Passions to Profits' (you can find it on the right sidebar) talks specifically to that point.

Casey said...

Hey Don I like your post. Both Pat Flynn and Eben are tow guys I look up to in the internet marketing niche.

I followed Pat from day one when he started his niche duel site and I know it put a lot of work in it. I think in his last income earnings, the site was up to $1400+ per month so that is some really good stuff.

All the best here and take care.

Eurocasino said...

Choosing the right affiliate and getting what it takes - the restrictions related to the niche will do one good.If some search engines are against you promoting a particular niche on their sites, I think to me is a huge barrier that you can give a second thought. Or is it better to find a restriction-free niche as a starter?

Ankur Desai said...

Hey I liked your article!
I also follow Pat and his niche site duel.

Where can I buy a Kindle said...

We like this post - refreshingly direct. Where can I buy a Kindle also wants to catch up on your earlier posts. Thanks!

Dan said...

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