IM101 Step 2: Establish Your Differentiating Email IDs

Wednesday, June 11
Ok, it's summer and you've just setup your business to make money online as a Sole Proprietor or LLC called Howe Productions (since your name is Sarah Howe - note: that I just made this up - any relation is purely coincidental.). You're really excited to get started with the two ideas that you've finally decided are worth pursuing with a passion to earn some online income. You've created your main business domain called with a main contact ID of

Meanwhile you've decided that your two marketing ideas are going to be built on a primary business idea (travel photography - and a secondary personal project (yoga hot spots). However the secondary idea is going to be a blog only and not its own domain ( Once setup, you now have two more email contact IDs - and Everything looks good, right?

Now the first problem. You want to submit some articles, Flickr pictures, and use some forums to start promoting your sites. Which email ID do you use when you register? Also, you want to setup some Adsense ads, plus some site analysis tools. Which email ID do you use now?

The core problem here is the use of your specific taglines for promotional links vs. general tools to manage the marketing strategy. Do you want all of your travel promotions to show or What if you write some yoga articles?

The solutions to this is pretty easy to do but also easy to miss. Just remember to use your parent email ID (in this case ) for any online tool that manages mutiple sites - things like Google Adense and Adwords, Sitemeter, Feedburner, etc. Use your specific email for promotional sites such as articles and article taglines, blog comments, Web 2.0 community sites, etc. Promotional sites should always point to the specific site you are try to monetize thus the need for a specific email Id tuned to that site.

Case in point: I started using an article submission service that required a tagline for every article (such as 'Don is an Internet Strategist and ... you can reach him at'). However, I wanted to submit to wholly different categories. I switched the email and tagline only to discover that my previous marketing articles now had taglines and email ids completely in the wrong category!

So, here are my strategies for IDs :
1. For a single online strategy - use a single domain email id (makes sense)
2. For a parent company strategy - create a parent domain email id and individual ids for each site you create.

Note: If you plan a Blog with no domain for either 1 or 2, I strongly suggest using Yahoo mail as your primary id (this is because of the promotional tools that Yahoo has). You're going to have to have a Yahoo id anyway (more on that in future posts).

This may not make a lot of sense to you now, but it will in the future.

Next up, using the Web 2.0 community to promote your site before you're even close to finishing it.


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