Do you Really Want to Learn How to Make Money Online?

Thursday, September 10
Well, an interesting start to this blog entry, huh? How to make money online? Yes, yes - everyone is out there pitching money making ideas. But, I have to start this with my noticeable absence from blogging - why no posts - what's happening in this year?

Library of How to Make Money OnlineThe real secret here is that I've gone deep into research and education . What do I mean by that? Over the last 8 months I made a pact with myself - walk away, dust off all of those internet marketing ebooks I've purchased over the last 4 years, go heads down and hunt for every possible tip I can find - add to that some serious online research specifically on successful SEO and Email list techniques.

Well, I can honestly say that I've picked up even more from the online research of successful sites than the library of ebooks (most have the same information) that I now own (at my current count, 27)- but, both have convinced me of some certain rules of success. Frankly, the basic rules of online success are easier than you think.

But the first rule I want to stress to you, the reader, is that making money online comes down to your mindset - yes, you! One of the biggest scams out there today is the mass of top marketers selling products to beginner marketers over and over until they walk away with millions. You say 'Hey! I want to do that!'. Well, I've got news for you - they've got a huge advantage - they've got money to repackage and sell you again using top copywriters and product packaging. Not to mention they have your psychology in mind - the hungry beginner; ready to conquer the world of online marketing and make millions!

Where they have the advantage is that only a very small percentage of the population will buy something, and, an even smaller percentage will have the ongoing motivation to keep doing it. So, back to that first rule - you have to change yourself first! You have to prove that you can do the day to day work (yes, I'm going to say it is work!) to succeed. Writing little tweets on Twitter is easy, creating a Blog is a bit harder, building a decent website is even more work, and writing a successful ebook or valuable, deep content is very hard!

So, I ask you - 'do you really want to make money online?' Or, from the seasoned internet marketer's viewpoint - 'do you really want to invest yourself into an industry that takes hard work, dedication, education and long term commitment?' Notice that the marketers don't ask you this question - because most of you will run to the hills!

Look, I don't want to scare you - but to be truthful. My best success online has come for daily commitment - that's where I've earned big dollars. My worst examples online have been quick-hit profits that promised immediate gratification and success.

Don't stop reading! Here's my motivational side - what's really missing is that anyone can do this! Yes, even the most inexperience newbie can be successful. Patience and daily work is the key - it is going to take some time. But, if you stay motivated, stay focused, set long term goals (say, over the next 12 months), establish your business ( Internet Marketing 101: Business Before Web ), you will start to see some dollars coming in.

With that said, I have an assignment for you. I want you to type this phrase into Google - "How to Make Money Online" (192M results without quotes and 2.1M with quotes) and specifically look at the top 10 results. If you haven't noticed - about 2 or 3 of the results are blogs. Go to those blogs and look at their archive history - how long have they been blogging? Take a look at their content - what is unique? Note down why you think they're successful -based on content, keywords, dialog, even subtle psychology. I guarantee this will be a better education for you than any ebook.


Grizzly said...

Hey Don - As someone who sits on page 1 for that term I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on what it really takes to rank well in the search engines. I liked your post - very down to earth and sensible. It sounds like you have done what I did starting out - research. And testing. Basically plain old work. That is the biggest factor in what separates the successful from the "hopefulls". Good luck with your site. Enjoyed it!

Don James said...

Thanks, Griz! Nice to see you here! Yes, you are in that coveted Google page 1 result that we all would love. Many of my sites have bounced around the first page and fallen - only to come back again. It's quite a bit of trial and error.

My biggest mistake was working on all my other sites without continuing the research. Let me tell you now it has paid off! I have one with 43M results in the top page (not like yours with 184M - nice!)

Hope we'll cross paths sometime. In the mean time - everyone follow the Griz! He's the real deal! (link will be posted on the sidebar)

Dan said...

Running an online business is no easy feat and you won't earn money off of it until you build trust and influence from both search engines and users. Don't fall for get-rich-quick schemes offered by so-called internet marketing gurus. Such schemes are just hyped-up marketing gimmicks and almost always end up in failure.

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