You Know the Economy is Bad When...

Monday, April 13
Yes, I am alive and kicking. These have been some of the strangest times for any profession including Internet Marketers. Back in January when I was finishing up Step 7 of building an affiliate site I took a step back. It wasn't because I didn't want to keep writing - but, that I started to notice something unusual about the lists of core marketers that I follow closely.

When opening my personal email I started to see more and more quick hit messages from marketers both big and small. At first I thought it was an anomaly but started seeing a pattern emerging. Marketers were starting to get desperate. How so? Every email was shifting to quick hit affiliate links for products - 'hey, take a look at....', 'I don't know if you've seen this yet...', 'he's just lowered his amazing product to only...'

You get the picture - the market is bad - people are scrambling. I've noticed it myself - product sales are down, ad revenue is WAY down, etc. The goal of promoting quick hit affiliate products is to sell your email list as fast as possible to generate revenue. Hopefully, this side income can supplement any downturn in their own products. But, it is coming too often to the point that every email now is a cross-sell and I'm tired of that.

Now, I'm not a fan of pushing more and more products to my list unless I'm truly excited about what I see out there. With the downturn I started looking for something new and different that might make what you and I do a bit easier. Sometime in the beginning of Feb. I found it - a simple, new idea that I can work into an easy side product and tool.

So, making a long story short - I've been working on my idea for a couple of months now and will talk about it soon. Meanwhile, I've also been working hard on a new guru's set of tutorials that have helped me immensely. More to come on that.

My advice for this time right now is to focus completely on a single product - your own. Write lots of content, get that email list going - and push yourself every day! Don't dawdle on affiliate sites, ads, and other experiments. To make money online in this time requires deep dedication to your idea.


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