The Basics of Click Flipping

Wednesday, November 1
In yesterday's post I noted that Scott Boulch had used some very well tuned marketing ideas to launch Life After Adsense and his Click Flipping concepts. So what is Click Flipping exactly? It is a combination of 2 things really; one, a clever marketing term and two, a combination of measured, well-defined PPC techniques bundled into a single package.

If you remember my previous post, Are You Measuring Your Success?, I noted that collecting metrics about your online business is a very good thing. Now, say you collect your statistics in Google Adwords on total clicks within each channel. Pretty easy to do, right? Google does this work for you. At the same time try to collect which channel is converting clicks into sales of your products or as affiliate products. Guess what, you now have the very basic concept of Click Flipping. In other words, using gathered statistics to determine which Adwords ads are generating the most conversions and, thus, the highest profits. What's the flip? It's then flipping those unprofitable clicks to very profitable ones. It's not quite that simple, of course. But you get the idea - most people don't spend the time to analyze their PPC stats to that level.

Once analyzed you can then optimize a particular PPC path and create what Scott calls Profit Pathways with very high conversion rates. Sound advice - just shows how valuable analytics are to your online business.


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