Click Flipping and Life After AdSense

Tuesday, October 31
If you've read the interview with Scott you're probably now wondering just what he is offering in return for his free material. Scott has basically taken a couple of tried and true techniques, re-positioned them, and has crafted a marketing Purple Cow. Frankly, I think he has done an incredible job using some of the newer online marketing techniques to produce a worthwhile product while at the same time building an opt-in subscriber service. Don't be fooled - he paid a heck of a lot of money to build this campaign - about $16,000 - but the potential return was much larger. And, if you've been around this market for a while you know exactly his strategy. Kudos, Scott!

So, let's take a moment to examine his techniques before I jump into describing just what Click Flipping (link is gone) really is. If you noticed, Scott began delivering his message by creating a buzz. That buzz was really a harvesting kickoff designed to grab your attention based on recent AdSense changes. Using some basic marketing strategy he grabbed attention 2 ways: one, by choosing a campaign name that really made you want to look - "The Death of Adsense" (of course your immediate reaction is "what? how?") , and two, by paying .50 for every referral you bring in for him. Power marketers took note right away and started sending out newsletter notices within days. Suddenly, Scott's list was growing at a phenomenal rate.

Next, he provided some useful information in the form of a teaser that pushed everyone's curiosity even further - AdSense rules have changed - so you are not going to make as much as you used to with niche AdSense sites. "Ok, I'll bite", you say, "but what does that mean?" The second hook was to note that part 2 was coming soon with the details of the cure to the problem which he called "Life After Adsense" (link is gone) - a positive light for the original doomsday message.

Well, over 32,000 opt-in subscribers later he was now ready to provide the real marketing value-add product - Click Flipping (which I will describe in a moment). Given these marketing strategies and clever tags and titles I must give him credit for some real ingenuity. If you are familiar with other online marketers out there you'll notice that he had followed a formula of marketer Mike Filsaime, called Butterfly Marketing - basically setting expectations over time to release a marketing product using pre-launch, launch, and post-launch phases. (Note, if you are serious about launching your own online product or service and you haven't purchased either the full Butterfly Marketing course or the shortened Butterfly Marketing Manuscript I fully endorse and suggest that you do it. If you want to learn the pro's ways to make huge money online - this is it!)

More to come on Click Flipping in my next post.


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