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Sunday, September 25
What if you could get as many of your favorite internet marketers into the same room to discuss their opinions on what they would do if they could go back in time with the knowledge they have now?
Phill Turner (yes, with 2 Ls) of Underground Traffic Secrets has done just that with his packaged collection of interviews with a variety of successful online experts and asked them "If you were starting again today and you had absolutely no traffic, which traffic strategy would you use to make $1000 in profit after 30 days?"

Being experienced in internet traffic myself I just about skipped over this gem - but saw the names in the list and the price and decided to purchase a copy. I've got to tell you I was pleasantly surprised to find this to be an incredible deal and wealth of information. When you get to hear experienced marketers talk candidly about their strategies to drive traffic, you'll find that they tend to give away much more information than they would in a written ebook or article.

One on one interviews work so well since the interviewee typically doesn't have time to filter their thoughts and they're so excited to help others.  What is so revealing in these audio reports is that they cover so many different traffic strategies which is so important for any type of online site - plus, they really demonstrate how to make money online. Most of Phill's interviews are about 20 to 30 minutes long making this offer an even better value.  With that single question offered up - the responses stay very focused on traffic with what I think were some deep, hidden slips of the tongue by these guys.

Here's a brief list of the interviews (my ratings) and some of the topics discussed:

1. Dean Hunt (very good) - an expert in buzz marketing, he focused on becoming an authority much in the same way as a talk show host or interview might do it. If you focus on learning a topic at no cost and associate your name with experts you can build a level of respect. Lots of good details on how to build out this method.

2. Kim Roach (amazing) - is one of the most successful female marketers online, she is best known for her products Traffic Dashboard, Instant Affiliate Payday and Super Affiliate Club.  She focused on the very basics of marketing online - but manages to lay it out in simple terms of traffic, offer and conversion. Using solo ads, newsletters, WSOs and more, she provides an amazing wealth of information in 30 minutes.

3. Maksud Rahman (good) - starting at age 14 he was able to make $1200 in one day and $8000 in one month.  There's nothing like hearing from someone young who really sees no limits to their work online. Focusing on the basics he dives into social media, article marketing, JV swaps and more.

4. Marc Milburn (good) -fairly new to internet marketing in the last three years, he's been able to build out his traffic strategy using JV swaps and daily work. He focuses primarily on working hard to get others to do the work for you to put your online business into auto pilot.

5. Phil Henderson (unbelievable) - I can't say if Phil's or Kim's interview was the best, but, I must say that Phil had so much information packed in the 30 minutes interview that I had taken over a page of notes. He brought out ways to use Facebook and Amazon that I had never heard or thought of.  Plus, he provides secrets to affiliate products that make this entire purchase worth it.

6. Andy Lawrence (good) - I've never really though much about marketing with EBay but Andy Lawrence does a great job talking about how underutilized it is.  Having 240 million buyers ready with their wallets out is probably the single largest targeted market out there. You'll ponder his interview for a long time.

7. James Schramko (very good) - now making over a million dollars a year in online marketing strategies, he talks specifically on utilizing bloggin, coaching services and Facebook to build a scalable model.  His strategy is simple yet so powerful.

8. Dwayne Kerr (good) - described as the one of UK’s most creative minded internet marketers, he feels that social media is the place to start.  With YouTube, Twitter and Facebook you have the fundamental tools necessary to build an online business fast.

9. James Watson (very good) - an amazing mentor and coach of internet marketing, James focuses on building out your list - the most powerful way to get traffic.  The trick (which he reveals) is to get the list built fast.

10. Richard Hill  (excellent) - this interview was a real flip of thinking for me. Focusing on local business, Richard Hill feels that your greatest profits and fastest traffic will some locally. There's a hungry market out there that can be easily tapped into.

11. Andrew Lock (very good) - he used a really different angle - tv shows! His show became very popular on iTunes. But he thinks that very few people really understand marketing. With a host of techniques his focus is on consistency in driving traffic.  Again, another interview with some great insights.

12. Daniel Wagner (very good) - if you want to learn all you can about article marketing then this is the interview to listen to.  Now working completely online, Daniel dives into strategies with Ezinearticles, multimedia, directories, submission services and pdf creation. If you think articles are a waste of time - listen to Daniel -- he'll change your mind.

I listened to these back to back over 3 days and, frankly, couldn't do anything else with a notebook in hand.  In fact, many times I would rewind the audio just to get the details straight.

If you want to really learn how to drive traffic to your websites, and, at the same time build your online business to finally work independently then I would recommend Underground Traffic Secrets to anyone. This package is a steal for $17!!!

(Note - I just picked up Underground Traffic Secrets 2 - this time with all women marketers - so far just as amazing!)


Lester Davids said...

This sounds like a fantastic product for Internet Marketers/Bloggers. Can you recommend any more products, please?

Daniel Milstein said...

That is true. As an author and business man, I can relate to how you said, "Being experienced in internet traffic myself I just about skipped over this gem - but saw the names in the list and the price and decided to purchase a copy". I hope more people discover your blog because you really know what you're talking about. Can't wait to read more from you!

JamesW said...

great post and review, thanks for sharing.

Ray said...

Traffic and marketing can be a difficult thing to master. It does provide encouragement when you hear about success stories like these, and when these people provide tips it is probably wise to listen.

Mohideen said...

Traffic is the most wanted for all bloggers so they keep on searching on online for updating there site or blog.So we need to give the sample report of our work for there regular visit

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