How to Find the Most Profitable Affiliate Product - Part 2

Tuesday, August 23
From Part 1 you learned about the popular niche categories that are available in Clickbank that should provide your niche site with the highest profitability. I mentioned that you could dig deeper into Clickbank directly or use a great online tool called that is free for basic research.

The best part of CBEngine is that you can easily search and sort through the Clickbank parameters such as Popularity, Gravity, Date Added, Category, Subcategory, and Affiliate Payment level.  With only these search criteria you can finalize your niche pick usually within one to three hours depending on the niche popularity.

The main CBEngine search window is located on the far right side of the main page screen. Each of the search parameters means the following:

Top Category - these are the same categories in Clickbank I showed you in Part 1.

Sub Category - within each category are smaller subsets - for example, in Sports there would be a Golf sub category.

Ranked In - these are the top products ranked in a category or sub category if picked.

Keywords - any words within the products you are searching for.

Look In - what part of the product description you want to find a keyword.

Newer Than - how new the product is since its release on Clickbank.

Pays More Than -  the payout to affiliate for each product sold.

Order By - in the free version you can only order by Rank, Earn% and Gravity.

Choosing a Product

My own personal secret to finding a product is to start with ONLY the last three search criteria - Newer Than, Pays More Than and Order By.  I'm not too worried yet about the categories until I can see the first list.  Here's the trick - be sure to start by choosing products newer than 6 months. This is critical! The reason why you want to do this is because the competition for other affiliate niche sites will be much less than if you pick a product with high popularity that has been out for over a year.

Competing affiliate sites grow very quickly with others using even more automated tools to fire up niche sites literally within hours!  You want to be one of the first - especially if a product takes off in popularity.  (Now, that is not to say that you couldn't market an older product with longer keyword phrases.  However, I'll talk about that in an upcoming post.)

Let's try an example- I'm only going to use Newer Than - 2 months, Pays More Than - $50 and Order By - Gravity Descending:
Though Gravity isn't all that important - it does tell you just how many affiliates are comparatively promoting that product over the others (note it is not a total number of affiliates but just a number ratio calculated to show relative popularity).

Now let's look at the results for new products that pay over $50.  What you're looking for are the products with high Rank and, perhaps, higher gravity if you feel that the product seems to resonate with other niche sellers:

What you can see here is that on August 23rd, 2011, the product called 'The Lottery Blueprint! - $59/sale Commissions!' is ranked 182nd in the Category 'Business/Investing', pays out 75% of the earnings back to you, the seller, and has a gravity of 2.07 (which means some affiliates are catching on to this product). That product looks somewhat promising and will fall in my notebook at a candidate.

Let's look at page 2 of the results:

As you can see my eyes were immediately drawn to the product called 'Shapeshifter Body Redesign' which is ranked #5 in Health and Fitness: Exercise and Fitness. With a payout over $50 per sale in a very, very popular niche such as Health this product looks like a fantastic candidate!  The Gravity of 21.79 means that other marketers have already jumped on this one and are probably flooding the search engine results as we speak!

Why You Want High Paying Niche Products

As you probably noticed, one key to my search was finding high paying products.  Let's do the math to understand why.  One of my very first products I marketed back in 2005 was priced at $17 a sale of which I received $9. Knowing absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing at the time I was so excited that I started selling nearly 50 to 60 copies in the first two months netting about $500, which, at the time seemed great for a newbie.

Now, take this same example for 'Shapeshifter Body Redesign' in the results above.  For each sale you would net $47.92 per sale PLUS the possible rebilling of $22 a month if the buyer subscribes to the service. My 50 to 60 copies would have netted nearly $2700 with an additional monthly of potentially $500 a month! That's a huge difference!

That, my friends, is one of the BIG secrets that the top affiliate marketers aren't telling you. With 10 to 20 of your own niche sites out there you could be pulling in $20,000 to $40,000 a month - with, of course, the disclaimer that it all depends on the market and how well you market your niche!.

Next up, Part 3, scanning the affiliate competition to narrow down the top niche contenders for your first profitable site!


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