Making Money Online with Daily Work

Wednesday, December 16
Continuing from yesterday I wanted to talk more about how the site, 'Make Money Online' was able to dominate that very same keyword phrase. If you felt the urge to examine Alan's site in detail you might have noticed one interesting feature - virtually daily posts centered around his core keyword phrases. What's even more amazing is that he used completely free methods to reach his goal! Astonishing!

Let's do some simple math on what he might be making right now from that site. Twelve medium ad spaces for $120 a month = $1440, two large banners for $300 a month, and text link for $180 a month = $1920 / month just in advertising alone. Using those numbers alone you can see that day to day focus can really pay off in a high performing niche. Plus, it shows that you don't have to have an expensive, fancy site to do this.

Also, you have to remember to keep your core keyword phrase stable across all back link channels you use - from articles to simple forum posts. If you examine his backlinks you'll see most post back to the keyword phrase 'make money online'. Who knows what specific product or service he used to get those links - but they all show the same thing. This is a key learning for you - but sure to keep the core keywords stable over time so you get rewarded by the search engines.

Let's face it- we all want to learn how to make money online with little effort - you know, that one strategy sold as the secret model to success that anyone can implement. The real secret here is that with daily work, good content, and valuable information you can make a very good living online (take a look at my article What is the Best Method to Make Some Money Online for another view ).


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