Are You Ready to Make Money Online this Year?

Sunday, January 20
You were probably wondering what happen to me over the last month. As with the usual holiday craziness, part of my problem was dealing with the death of my father two months ago. Trying to keep the family going, manage my business dealings, (lose weight, ha!), and all of the other tasks were really quite daunting.

However, over the last two weeks I made my New Year's resolutions to get my products out the door and add more value to you, the readers. If you are like me you spend too much time thinking and spinning over so many ideas that just getting one done seems like it takes forever. I spent almost every day this year going back over my entire library of ebooks on Internet Marketing and how to make money online. This has been a challenge but also extremely enlightening.

If you have as many ebooks as I do then I bet you haven't gone back to read them again. It's a good idea since it generates similar thoughts from all the authors. When you look at it there are about ten common rules to making a living online. No doubt the single most important rule is having your own product. I would suggest you go dust off your old ebooks if you have the time - it might get you going in 2008.

So, who will be the in the class of 2008 for new Internet Marketers? Remember to dream big - hopefully it will be you!


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