The SEO Book

Saturday, January 20

I just discovered a very popular site called The SEO Book that looks to be the Bible of SEO in the marketplace today. The author is Aaron Wall and I've been reading his material most of the day today. I must say he has fantastic material available and his ebook looks like the real deal.

Just browsing through his blog entries and his articles I found quite a few nuggets of information.

On building niche sites:

"A single person can cover only so many topics. The best way to build honest value is to cover a topic better than anyone else is. Add new insights and commentary. Original thoughts that can't be found elsewhere."

On product web sites:

"Many businesses still end up running far less efficiently than they can because they have websites that do not answer common questions. How is your product different than the competition? How much is shipping? How long will it take for me to get my product? Why should I trust you with my credit card details? Each of these pieces of uncertainty act as holes which tax your business:

-by causing people to trust and value your products and services less
-by causing fewer people to respond to your offers
-by requiring more one on one customer interaction when smart site architecture and clear messaging would have worked"

(Note to Aaron - I hope you don't mind me quoting you!)

Just reading through his 'about' section really reveals what kind of guy Aaron is and how his approach will lead you the right direction. I'm always on the lookout for great, honest online experts and mentors. Aaron's work, as far as I can tell should be followed and studied daily.

I'll be writing more about this site in the future - please go check it out!! Also, be sure to read his blog at The SEO Book Blog link.

An Exclusive Interview with Ryan Orrell - Internet Millions!

Tuesday, January 16
Update 2011 - Looks like Ryan Orrell has made his millions and is off doing some new things online with his money.  We wish him well!  I'll keep the interview here for reference but remove the links to his site. If you are interested in a guide much like his I would suggest getting Holly Mann's Honest Riches which has been updated for 2011 and continues to be a great guide.


Ryan, from your Internet Millions ebook and reviews I get the sense that you have worked very hard to get where you are today. Can you tell me a bit about your background?
Believe it or not I used to be a police officer in the city of Hot Springs where I live. I was making about $15,000 a year and just wanted a better life for myself and a family one day. I still love law enforcment andstill have kept touch with many old friends, though.

How did you happen to get into the Affiliate Marketing industry? What were the deciding factors?

I had a stint selling health and life insurance after being a policeman and it was feast or famine and eventually the famine part took over. I saw a commercial on TV one night in 1998 on a website offering life insurance quotes and thought..."I can do that"...although I didn't even have a computer or had no idea how to check email. I went the next day and got a computer from the Gateway store and just started learning and teaching myself through books I bought at local bookstores, ebooks, and stumbled on affiliate marketing during my research. I decided to do it because I didn't have a choice - I was flat broke and struggling.

What do you attribute your online income growth to?

Determination...let's face it. Anyone can build what I built. Anyone. The thing that separates most super affiliates from regular affiliates is determination and "the grind". When I say that I mean their willingness to continue on and not give up...battle through the problems and tough, confusing times....not quitting.

Have you been following anyone's formula or path?
No...not really. Everything I've picked up is from a million different places along the way. You'll hear me say a lot that internet marketing to me is a "way of thinking". Eventually when you learn a lot it starts coming to you a job you eventually get good at yet knew nothing when you started?

What has been the general response to your book so far?
Great! Several incredible reviews - I care about the success of the people who purchase my book and I think that comes through in my words. Quite a few people who have reviewed my book have commented on that. Plus, I'm getting a ton of compliments on how it's already helping people.

What would you do differently if you were starting today?

WOW!! I'm not one to really play monday morning quarterback griping about how I'd do this or that different...whether it works or blows up in my face. I'm just blessed God has given me the determination and good fortune to be successful doing what I love to do.

Who are your favorite mentors and/or online marketers that you follow closely?
Don't have that many...guess I've made more of a list of liars whose sh.t books I've bought over the years have ripped me off and I've bought a lot....I may have to say I did enjoy reading the success and some reports of the late Corey Rudl but that's about it. I do have many friends however that I really admire for what they've accomplished.

What is your advice to newbie's out there looking to get started?

Don't quit or give up and you can do it. Here's the number one pet peeve is someone wanting you to do everything for them. I get those emails everyday...I go by the old adage...if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day but teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime...that's so true with my book...there are so many incredible techniques that I could use if I'd never heard of internet marketing and do $20,000 or better a month inside of three months or so....this stuff works. I know it works because I've done it personally. Just don't give up and keep moving forward and eventually you should make it to the great land of oz. ;-)

If there was one marketing secret you can share with everyone what would that be?
Honestly, I've put what I know in the book. No more secrets really here.

What are your plans now that you have released Internet Millions?

Focus on the sale of the ebook and support my followers and help them the best I can....that in itself is a full time job and I'm happy to do it. I want to help people realize they can achieve thier dreams just like I did and I'll do it one affiliate at a time if I have to. Determination and Dedication is the original formula I followed and it payed off and I'm gonna stick to it.

- Ryan Orrell