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Saturday, January 20

I just discovered a very popular site called The SEO Book that looks to be the Bible of SEO in the marketplace today. The author is Aaron Wall and I've been reading his material most of the day today. I must say he has fantastic material available and his ebook looks like the real deal.

Just browsing through his blog entries and his articles I found quite a few nuggets of information.

On building niche sites:

"A single person can cover only so many topics. The best way to build honest value is to cover a topic better than anyone else is. Add new insights and commentary. Original thoughts that can't be found elsewhere."

On product web sites:

"Many businesses still end up running far less efficiently than they can because they have websites that do not answer common questions. How is your product different than the competition? How much is shipping? How long will it take for me to get my product? Why should I trust you with my credit card details? Each of these pieces of uncertainty act as holes which tax your business:

-by causing people to trust and value your products and services less
-by causing fewer people to respond to your offers
-by requiring more one on one customer interaction when smart site architecture and clear messaging would have worked"

(Note to Aaron - I hope you don't mind me quoting you!)

Just reading through his 'about' section really reveals what kind of guy Aaron is and how his approach will lead you the right direction. I'm always on the lookout for great, honest online experts and mentors. Aaron's work, as far as I can tell should be followed and studied daily.

I'll be writing more about this site in the future - please go check it out!! Also, be sure to read his blog at The SEO Book Blog link.


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