Top Internet Sites by Time Spent Online

Sunday, December 2
Recently, I stumbled onto a page by a site analytics firm that measures how long users spend on a site rather than pure hits. They wanted to understand which sites generate long sessions with users. When you look at their results you see some pretty interesting patterns - all which revolve around content.

Before you look at this list take a moment to think of the sites where you spend the most time online. I'm not referring to how often you visit a site but one where you actually keep your attention and spend a duration of time browsing, reading, purchasing, socializing, etc.

Are you ready? You might be surprised. Here are the top 10 sites with longest attention share:

How to Make Money Online with Attention Sites1. 11.9%
2. 8.5%
3. 3.7%
4. 3.7%
5. 2.1%
6. 1.7%
7. 1.6%
8. 1.0%
9. 0.7%
10. 0.6%

Interesting list - I would say I spend most of my attention share on eBay, Google and Amazon as well as Youtube (which is number 12). I have never even looked at and hardly ever look at Some surprises in the top 20 - and

Looks like I need to spend some more time researching avenues on how to make money online with Myspace and Yahoo. More information on this list can be found at: Attention List


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