The Big Leap - Waiting for the Improbable Event

Wednesday, October 17
Sometimes just building your online business is not enough to make the next leap. Can you be prepared for improbable events to make money online? This is a question I asked myself after reading a recent book (which I won't name right now until I am done).

I think that many of us start building online businesses the way you would build any regular business - by starting out slowly and growing it organically over time using proven techniques. However, using this method has a tendency to blind us to what might occur online - that is, the sudden, unexpected event that would propel us up into the stratosphere of internet marketing - something so big, so viral that you would never see it coming.

The thought has occurred to me that this might be the reason why some marketers are where they are today. I'm not saying that they didn't put any effort into what they did - but, they had a vision into something where most people have blind spot - that is, the improbable event.

Think of it this way - imagine you spent thousand of hours buying stock based on advice from the experts thereby slowly and carefully building a large, diversified portfolio. After some time (probably many years) you would see the fruits of your labor with consistent, secure profits. This is obviously something very scalable - the standard method, hard work, no chances, etc.

Now, imagine you tried to see the future by investing in only very small, risky, low cost stocks that focus on new ideas that haven't really caught on yet. Most likely you would see most of your money not doing anything at all - in fact, it would probably decline over time.

However, in the small stock example there happens to be one company whose ideas will spread like wildfire in the future - a kind of viral growth. When that happens suddenly your one investment amongst many may jump 1000-fold - guess what, you just become a millionaire! What just happened? You've prepared for the improbable event.

What if I wait and the improbable never occurs, you might ask. If you only look for the improbable you may or may not be successful - that's really not the point. But, if you mix your normal growth with an eye on the improbable I believe you get the best of both - building your business with mindset to what is invisible, improbable, of future potential, possible viral and simply amazing.


Anonymous said...

That is a very interesting concept - I've never really thought of making money or organizing my business this way.

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