Holly Mann's Honest Riches - A Review

Monday, June 25
Back in the fall of 2005 I was browsing the Warrior Forum and started to see quite a bit of buzz regarding The Rich Jerk (site is gone now 2011 - however, Honest Riches has been updated for 2011 and is better than ever). Many people were asking questions about who he was and his odd, unorthodox approach to marketing online. Using a negative connotations to drive sales, The Rich Jerk was attempting to lure sales by goading the potential buyer. As much as I would like to say I wasn’t interested I still felt the need to pick up a copy just out of curiosity.

Make Money Online with Honest RichesHowever, before I bought his copy I happened to see a reference to a new ebook called No Thank You Rich Jerk by Holly Mann (now called Honest Riches). I took a quick look at her site and saw that she was offering some of the same material as The Rich Jerk but at 1/4 of the price. After reading through her sales pitch I decided to pick up a copy. I have to tell that when you have been working with Internet Marketing products and services for some time it was truly refreshing to find someone new who had a great product at a very reasonable price.

I read through her entire ebook in one sitting and found it to be completely and refreshingly honest, informative and very straight forward. I knew immediately it was a winner and that I had to contact Holly directly and find out a bit more about her background.

Holly Mann’s story is very interesting - just take a look at part of my interview with her:

"I am a single mom and my 4 1/2 month old son and I were cooped up in tiny room I rented out of my brother and his wife's home....I had lived in Thailand when I was 16 as an exchange student with the Rotary Club and I loved it there; the people, food and culture. I decided to sell all of our belongings and move there. I knew I could afford to live on $700 a month there while I got the Internet Businesses started. I didn't need to put my son in daycare - so I could take care of him and still break into Internet Marketing. It was a freeing feeling, but also very scary.

The last item I sold prior to leaving was my laptop which I worked on. It was a Sony Vaio I bought while I was working overseas in Iraq (and was actually saving a little money) and I sold it on ebay in order to have enough to buy our airline tickets. After flying for nearly 24 hours, we arrived in Chiangmai, Thailand. I found a small studio apartment and had serious troubles getting an internet connection. I also couldn't afford a computer.

So, I went to a computer parts store and bought all of the parts needed to put a computer together. I didn't know what I was doing, but the guys there put it together included in the total price. Most of the parts were used and so they were much cheaper. The total cost for the contraption was a little over $250 dollars U.S. The computer screen alone weighed at least 30 pounds and looked like something from the 1960s. The actual base and hard drive made a really loud buzzing noise all the time....I'll never forget how seemingly impossible it felt to publish a website with Microsoft Frontpage on a 24KBPS connection speed!

I thought about giving up on it as it took hours and hours to publish one simple website update. But I didn't give up, and within four months I was making 12K per month and FINALLY got DSL Internet!...I didn't follow anyone's formula. If something I did worked well, I continued with it and built on it. I have tried out many different methods to find the ones which are most successful and quickest to implement. My search engine optimization techniques, along with keyword research have made me the most money.

I've learned patience - and not to jump into creating a site without conducting full research to know exactly what the market is searching for, how many times are they typing that phrase in the search engines per day, how many competing sites, similar phrases, etc. Some people think certain phrases will get them traffic but without doing the proper research, you can set yourself up for failure."

After following her work for some time now I can truly say that Holly is part of the class of 2006 for successful Internet Marketers. When I compare where she was in January of 2006 to today (June 2007) I see a completely independent and successful online marketer who has not only made it big but still has a great product.

Holly changed her book’s title to Honest Riches which is currently in its new edition newly updated for 2010-2011. She has taken some the very best information available for making money online, packaged it, and marketed directly against the latest Internet Marketing Gurus material and created a masterful winner!

In fact, I personally credit Holly with boosting my own online work to become consistently profitable. I decided to create an Honest Riches blog to specifically prove her techniques work. Using the Honest Riches techniques my blog went from absolutely no traffic to top search terms in Google within 4 months.

Frankly, I believe it is the single best guide to getting started as an online marketer out there today. I’ve purchased many of these guides and Holly’s is still the best. Her story is truly amazing and shows how focus and perseverance have paid off.

Here's a highlight of what you get: How to get your line business started, Search engine optimization techniques (which she tells you how she got her site this high placement and how you can do the same), ways to make money online through Affiliate programs with no Web site and no start-up money, Content management solutions, Free Web sites that you can easily setup with no experience, free advertising that you never knew existed, and much, much more.

I’m still in contact with Holly from time to time today and very pleased to see just how far she has come. She has truly achieved her dreams and is now back in Thailand helping orphans using the profits she’s earning online. I assure you that if you are a new or intermediate online marketer then Holly Mann’s Honest Riches guide is worth every penny.


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