The Death of Adsense?

Thursday, September 14
Recently, Scott Boulch has been creating a buzz around the web on the Death of Adsense. I think I have now received 3 separate emails from different online marketers on this controversial topic.

Now, if you remember my post Can You Make a Living on Adsense? I was hinting at something similar - except for the fact that Scott states that he had uncovered a change in Google that occurred on November 22, 2005. Scott says, "When we look back on that day, November 22, 2005, the day Google made that change was the day AdSense really died. It has just taken the internet marketing world a while to get the phone call with the bad news."

I am again going to re-emphasize that the original AdSense policies created an entire underground movement I call the 'Information Black-Market', that is, a market where information is purchased and sold without any regard to content - only for the express intent of profiteering. Do you think Google would never notice this?

So, hold your breath and hope for some positive changes. I have contacted Scott and will be posting an interview with him in the next few days. You can read the article for free at The Death of AdSense and the Return to Common Sense. (links are now gone)


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