Get Rich Quick Impulse Buys & StumbleUpon

Tuesday, August 1
Ugh! I'm not feeling very agile today - there's just too many things going on which tends to weaken my ability to think straight. Part of this was leftovers from a stressful day yesterday which leads into today's topic - Impulse Buys. Have you done it yet?

If you're like me you get your fair number of emails from all of your favorite marketers and gurus. And, of course, someone comes along with the great new product or method that you have to buy to get rich quick. Frankly, I'm no great master of judgment when it comes to picking up a new product. I tend to use my gut feeling, some internet research and forums to make my decision. But when I'm weakened by stress I tend to get excited too quickly and have made the occasional spot buy. It almost happened last night but I've made a decision recently to always wait one day before doing it even if the price is low.

So, some quick advice for today - when you read about the hot new product to buy do the following: 1) always sleep on it first (wait one day), 2) do a Google search for the product with keywords 'review', 'scam', 'problems', 'success', etc and see what the general consensus is, and 3) post a question about the product on a forum to see if anyone has used it. If you follow these steps it should keep you from the spot buy. (In the future I will post a secret on how you can generally glean the content of a product without buying it - one of my 'black-hat' techniques).

Here is my fun topic of the day - try out StumbleUpon. Just create an account and download the browser tool bar. It's quite fun and a great time waster - sorry!! ;)


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