Don't Forget Your Traffic and Autoresponders

Tuesday, August 8
Every once and a while I find myself working too hard on my sites and not spending enough time generating traffic. Frankly, this is not a good thing to ease up on over time yet it is very easy to do. Traffic is the key ingredient to any monetized site and should never be skipped as part of your daily routine. Would you rather have a very rich and elegant site or thousands of new visitors? Yes, you could argue that there is a relationship between the two, however, traffic is much more important.

Besides direct traffic never forget that building your list must also always be a priority. So, be sure to have your autoresponder, list capture forms and javascript popups ready before you start pushing traffic to your site. There is no doubt that Aweber Communications is one of the top autoresponders out there. Use it! To paraphrase one marketer - "my biggest marketing mistake online was driving one million dollars in revenue without a list - just think of how much more I could have generated!"


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