Search Engine Ranking - The Wikipedia Way

Saturday, January 29
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A friend recently asked me 'What's all this crazy nonsense I keep hearing about authority and trust now on all of the IM sites?'? Yes, I've preached it myself. The mantras for 2010 and 2011 have been 'You gotta have authority and you gotta have trust!' Just what is all this noise about?

If you remember from my previous post Your Not Making Any Money Online without Authority, I said that Google is trying to improve their search results continually to judge, rank and read sites just as a human would. They're basically building a form of very static artificial intelligence to be able to pick and choose your content as if you were weeding through looking for a specific result. And this engine is only getting better - to a more dynamic intelligence.

All well and good right? What does that mean to you? You need to sit back and ask yourself how you trust sites and give them authority as a normal activity. For example, how would you judge, say, a wealth building site that had AdSense ads plastered all over it with hundreds of pages that you suspect are just a pile of crappy PLR articles. They're pretty easy to spot - tons of keyword stuffing, no personal writing style, slapped together with one purpose in mind - making money off the poor git who might click an ad.