Blogger FTP Migration - Success!

Tuesday, April 20
Whew! I have to tell you that I really sweated this one out.  I wasn't sure that this migration from my own hosting center back to Blogger / Google hosting was really going to work with the upcoming FTP shutdown occurring on May 1st.  The Agile Marketer has been around for about 4 years now - slowly climbing the SEO organic ladder (yes, I remember being one of the first guys to post on John Chow's site when he started it) nearing the top 10 list.  I've been using this site for my personal opinions and learnings on how to make money online -  making this site's Google ranking very, very important to me.

What I wasn't sure about was that the ranking would drop and/or the migration would fail miserably.  So, let's go through what I learned along the way and how easy or difficult this migration turned out to be.

Let me backup a bit and describe my particular migration problem. The Agile Marketer site consists of a Blogger blog posts as the default landing pages with some ASP.NET scripts as side pages (for dynamic content such as the Free Affiliate Link Cloaker).  In this case Blogger FTP's all of the files to the root path of the domain (  Most people have a site blog that they publish to such as ( - but that was not my case.

Just When You're Making Money Online - Google Cancels Blogger FTP

Friday, April 16
Ugh! Yes it is tax time and Blogger time. You've probably noticed over the last few years that The Agile Marketer is a Blogger blog - something I've enjoyed using for a number of years for my core site (this one) and many other profitable affiliate and AdSense sites.

The bad news is that on May 1st Google is pulling the plug on posting your Blogger blog on an externally hosted website. This is tough news for those of us who have many blogs - and, if you haven't guessed, something I've been working on for the last four weeks.

What really bothers me, however, is the fact that The Agile Marketer has reached #26 in Google for the exact search term 'Learn How to Make Money Online ' and #52 for the unquoted term - a very, very competitive keyword phrase (125M results).  This site has been slowly and surely moving up the Google ladder over the last 2 years with a significant amount of effort.

The rub now is that moving this site back to being Google hosted is going to cause a number of problems: